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omg its teh conspiracy
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 8th Sep 2010 21:58
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  1.  ____________________ ________________ _________________
  2. |                    |                |       _______   |
  3. |_______     ________|    ____________|      |       |  |
  4.        |     |       |   |            |      |_______|  |
  5.        |     |       |   |_______     |    |____________|
  6.        |     |       |    _______|    |    |
  7.        |     |       |   |            |    |
  8.        |_____|       |___|            |____|
  10.         T H E        F E L I N E        P R I D E
  12.                 P R O U D L Y   P  R E S E N T S
  15. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  17.         A N   I G N O R A N C E   A N O N Y M U S
  19.                 P R O D U C T I O N
  22. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  25.         I N  C L O S E   C O O P E R A T I O N   W I T H
  28.         F L U F F Y - D E N   C O R P .  I N T E R N A T I O N A L
  31. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  34.   D I S C L A I M E R
  36.  please note the high level of ignorance, which eventually causes the cease of a convo
  37.  as the depletion of intellect gets accellerated by the fuel of the conspiracy card
  38.  which is till this day, one, of the highest trumps that ignorance happily supplies :)
  41. A N Y W A Y  L O G  A N D  L O A D  T I M E
  43. [21:02:47] Claudy gets a knife, and starts cutting up thye drama
  44. [21:02:50] <+Claudy> the*
  45. [21:02:56] <+Claudy> so liek
  46. [21:03:15] <+Tiger_Stripes> there was drama?
  47. [21:03:19] <+Claudy> i'm gone, and all of a sudden the dramanoise starts sprinkling again \o/
  48. [21:03:22] <+Tiger_Stripes> guess i missed it
  49. [21:03:29] <+Claudy> bringing noise to conversation \o/
  50. [21:03:30] <+Mikeru> Niiiiiiiice
  51. [21:03:37] <+Claudy> also :
  52. [21:03:40] Claudy hugs Mikeru
  53. [21:03:57] Mikeru huggles claudy back
  54. [21:04:00] <+Mikeru> Suuuuuup homie?
  55. [21:04:04] <+Claudy> prolly pretty darned fine ?
  56. [21:04:09] <+Claudy> \:D
  57. [21:04:24] <+Claudy> not much
  58. [21:04:33] <+Claudy> except that i'm trying to self-educate
  59. [21:04:36] <+Mikeru> No doubt ^_^
  60. [21:05:01] <+Claudy> in stuff, that some perpetrators, would call the flag of "conspiracy" for
  61. [21:06:06] <+Claudy> heh
  62. [21:06:09] <+Mako> yes claudy, if you start diving into conspiracies i'm going to call you an idiot most likely. Those who believe in conspriacy nonsense of pseudo-intellecutal twats who want to believe everyone else is naive and blind fo they can think of themselves as intelligent with no effort
  63. [21:06:21] <+Mako> *are
  64. [21:06:37] <+Tiger_Stripes> still don't mean xfiles is not fun to watch Mako
  65. [21:06:46] <+Claudy> actually, when you call it like that, i do agree that you sound pretty ignorant mako
  66. [21:06:50] <+Mako> of course xfiles is fun to watch :P
  67. [21:06:51] <+Mikeru> Never saw X-files.
  68. [21:06:56] <+Mako> but keep fiction as fiction
  69. [21:06:57] <+Mikeru> Heard it was good though.
  70. [21:07:01] <+Tiger_Stripes> it is still on tv
  71. [21:07:06] <+Tiger_Stripes> scifi
  72. [21:07:15] <+Tiger_Stripes> other channesl i think
  73. [21:07:16] <+Claudy> sure Mako
  74. [21:07:19] <+Tiger_Stripes> need to see what times
  75. [21:07:25] <+Tiger_Stripes> and how have you never seen it
  76. [21:07:29] <+Mako> claudy if you want to be an obstinate douche, i will explain every conspiracy you'll puyll out of your ass and make you sound stupid
  77. [21:07:34] <+Claudy> thats why i believe everything on my tv, and live my life in a constant threat of someone invading my life :/
  78. [21:07:50] <+Claudy> go ahead Mako, go ahead
  79. [21:07:56] <+Claudy> i usually arent the one who pulls back
  80. [21:08:01] <+Claudy> my housemate does that for me
  81. [21:08:25] <+Claudy> when i explain the fundamental flows, of beliefs, that had already been pointed out by the same goddamn people he sees as his gods
  82. [21:08:38] <+Claudy> flaws*
  83. [21:09:15] <+Claudy> but go ahead, try to reducate me with material that would make my paranoid sense of ignorance flow to an alltime high
  84. [21:09:29] <+Mako> no idea what you were just trying to say, it appeared to be a coi nonsensical intimidation tactic
  85. [21:09:39] <+Claudy> meh
  86. [21:10:00] <+Claudy> i'm just giving a picture-esque explanation of my words
  87. [21:10:15] <+Claudy> explanation/dimension
  88. [21:10:28] <+Mako> no really you're not, you're rambling in a coi tone of trying to puff your own ego
  89. [21:10:42] <+Claudy> kinda like, how i can translate simple dutch sayings, into a pretty well accurate physical image, of how a word can be meant
  90. [21:10:42] <+Mako> *while trying
  91. [21:10:51] <+Claudy> sure i do
  92. [21:10:56] <+Claudy> thats what we all do Mako
  93. [21:11:35] <+Claudy> i just have to put on the tv, to see the deceptive snakes of pretention and psychology, slithering around in the snakepit we call the dutch parliament
  94. [21:12:08] <+Mako> no, that's what you do. it's a sign of neediness and unconfidence. those who have ego complexes put others in the same box as them so they don't have to deal with those secure within whatever topic is being thrown about
  95. [21:13:07] <+Claudy> it would'nt surprise me at all, of the so called leaders there, also do their best to silence voices, just like they would throw patients who arent in a dead state of activity, into a separations room
  96. [21:13:21] <+Claudy> or threathen to throw them into*
  97. [21:13:28] <+Mikeru> So I heard mako is sexy.
  98. [21:13:31] <+Mikeru> Discuss
  99. [21:13:33] <+Mako> yay, implying new world order
  100. [21:13:38] Mako head desks
  101. [21:13:42] <+Claudy> not much Mako
  102. [21:13:50] <+Mako> "so called leaders"
  103. [21:13:55] <+Claudy> actually this reference is based onto a real life event i experienced
  104. [21:14:06] <+Claudy> yes, the so called leaders
  105. [21:14:10] <+Mako> annecdotes are not valid evidence
  106. [21:14:14] <+Mako> explain that term claudy
  107. [21:14:16] <+Claudy> sure they arent
  108. [21:14:24] <+Mikeru> So next year I'm gonna try and take child psyc
  109. [21:14:24] <+Claudy> which one
  110. [21:14:27] <+Claudy> so caleld eladers ?
  111. [21:14:31] <+Mako> what is a "so called leader" define it
  112. [21:14:32] <+Claudy> called*
  113. [21:14:42] <+Claudy> well, the man who is shoved to the front
  114. [21:14:50] <+Mikeru> brb
  115. [21:14:55] <+Mako> by whom?
  116. [21:15:00] <+Claudy> i cant really say that mr. balken-ende was that much of a charismatic person
  117. [21:15:11] <+Claudy> who was the PM of the federal state of Hollandia
  118. [21:15:40] <+Claudy> by whom?,  by the person in the back
  119. [21:15:45] <+Mako> theres a term for this, it's quite humorous. it's when people quickly start jumping topics to avoid explaining themselves
  120. [21:15:52] <+Claudy> ?
  121. [21:15:53] <+Mako> who's the person in the back claudy
  122. [21:15:58] <+Claudy> how should i know
  123. [21:16:02] <+Mako> knock off the poetic bullshit
  124. [21:16:05] <+Claudy> why should i care
  125. [21:16:10] <+Mako> then why do you say there is a person in the back
  126. [21:16:21] <+Claudy> the person in the back, can just as well be a machine for all i care
  127. [21:16:30] <+Mako> explain claudy, if you want to go about dropping this nonsense you're going to have to answer for it
  128. [21:16:32] <+Claudy> its what you call a symbolic reference
  129. [21:16:51] <+Claudy> what nonsense Mako
  130. [21:16:53] <+Mako> referencing what
  131. [21:16:54] <+Mako> explain it
  132. [21:17:09] <+Claudy> all i've heard so far as objections, that ask to pout something on paper, into a 3-d worldy form
  133. [21:17:28] <+Claudy> there also is'nt a man in the middle in browser attacks
  134. [21:17:33] <+Claudy> its like a saying
  135. [21:17:45] <+Mako> because as it just seems, you've stated that leaders are imposters being pushed to the front from someone in the back, what makes you think this
  136. [21:17:46] <+Mako> explain it
  137. [21:17:54] <+Claudy> well, simple
  138. [21:18:08] <+Claudy> i DONT see a charismatic person when i look to uncle JP
  139. [21:18:54] <+Claudy> or do you call this person
  140. [21:19:02] <+Claudy> a charismatic person
  141. [21:19:19] <+Claudy> who looks intelligent and representative for a great nation as the federal states of Hollandia
  142. [21:19:29] <+Claudy> AS I CLEARLY DO NOT
  143. [21:19:30] <+Mako> last i checked leaders don't have to take a personality test to be elected
  144. [21:19:45] <+Claudy> well duh
  145. [21:20:01] <+Claudy> if they'd do that, than 3 quarters of the politicians could go home
  146. [21:20:14] <+Claudy> but this guy
  147. [21:20:16] <+Claudy> JP
  148. [21:20:20] <+Claudy> went to the US
  149. [21:20:28] <+Claudy> and met mister Bush
  150. [21:20:32] <+Mako> that means absolutely nothing
  151. [21:20:42] <+Mako> you're throwing out statements without context
  152. [21:20:47] <+Claudy> no Mako
  153. [21:20:50] <+Claudy> i am not done
  154. [21:21:03] <+Claudy> i wanted to say something about a comical refernce
  155. [21:21:22] <+Claudy> lkike how i dont see those 2 people uttering much words of intelligence to eachother
  156. [21:21:39] <+Claudy> seeing that one seems to have been evolved out of a zoo-primate
  157. [21:21:39] <+Mako> which means nothing
  158. [21:21:46] <+Claudy> and the other one seems to be made of wood
  159. [21:21:53] <+Mako> yoiu've completely stayed away from the questiob
  160. [21:21:58] Claudy sighs
  161. [21:22:08] <+Claudy> please put off the small frame of thought
  162. [21:22:08] <+Mako> because as it just seems, you've stated that leaders are imposters being pushed to the front from someone in the back, what makes you think this < explain this
  163. [21:22:12] <+Claudy> and laugh a litter
  164. [21:22:15] <+Claudy> little*
  165. [21:22:29] Claudy sighs
  166. [21:22:37] <+Claudy> i am not there yet
  167. [21:22:47] <+Mako> then cut the crap and cut straight to there
  168. [21:23:01] <+Claudy> what bullcrap Mako
  169. [21:23:39] <+Claudy> i just read a lot of objections from someone who seemingly seems to think that a coour is just a colour, and not a reflection of light, that shines onto something, and hence reflects the colours in that lightspectrum
  170. [21:23:55] <+Mako> everything you've said afterwards had no direct relation. we don't need some loosely linked speculative story. You've implied leaders are false in some way and only in place because of something behind the scenes
  171. [21:23:58] <+Claudy> THERES THE RAINBOW OFCOURSE
  172. [21:24:09] <+Claudy> no Mako
  173. [21:24:18] <+Claudy> i said, that the persons we call leaders
  174. [21:24:24] <+Claudy> the so called leaders
  175. [21:24:28] <+Mako> yes, your poetry doesn't make you sound smarter either. it just shows how you further dance around the point
  176. [21:24:46] <+Claudy> sure Mako, just like how yer objections make it any easier to hold a court
  177. [21:24:53] <+Mako> <Claudy> it would'nt surprise me at all, of the so called leaders there, also do their best to silence voices, just like they would throw patients who arent in a dead state of activity, into a separations room
  178. [21:25:18] <+Claudy> kinda like when phoenix wright, constantly tries to object to every line... and with every line, while the explanation is still busy, he presses the same wrong evidence :D
  179. [21:25:36] <+Claudy> yes
  180. [21:25:40] <+Mako> there isn't anything to object to because you haven't made a clear point, just danced around with evbasive poetic verses
  181. 21:25:45] <+Claudy> which is part of the next line
  182. [21:25:48] <+Claudy> no Mako
  183. [21:25:52] <+Claudy> I AM NOT THERE YET
  184. [21:25:53] <+Mako> yes claudy
  187. [21:26:18] <+Mako> that's what the colour rambling just was. evasive poetic verses that has nothing to do with anything other then a passive aggressive ad hominem
  188. [21:26:24] <+Claudy> no its not
  189. [21:26:28] <+Claudy> its a reference
  190. [21:26:31] <+Mako> ^again, poetic evasive nonsense
  191. [21:26:34] <+Claudy> nop
  192. [21:26:38] <+Mako> yup
  193. [21:26:45] <+Claudy> when yer retarded, yes
  194. [21:26:55] <+Claudy> not like i'd expect any much more
  195. [21:26:59] <+Mako> oh gee, look how mature that was. so how about you actually start explaining things in clear terms
  196. [21:27:06] <+Claudy> yes, good aint it
  197. [21:27:18] <+Claudy> short sentences always seem to do good on the cow-public
  198. [21:27:22] <+Mako> instead of galloping around the may pole with conspiracy ridden poetry
  199. [21:27:26] <+Claudy> wut
  200. [21:27:29] <+Claudy> OH MY GOD
  201. [21:27:35] <+Claudy> SOMEONE IS NOT BEiNG IGNORANT
  202. [21:27:42] <+Claudy> I NEED MY TINFOIUL HAT AND APPLY TO THEM
  204. [21:28:07] <+Mako> caps lock makes you seem so much more rational
  208. [21:28:37] <+Claudy> I ADORE ANYTHING THAT I NEED TO PAY FOR
  209. [21:28:42] <+Claudy> BECAUSE THAT WAY IT IS COOl
  210. [21:28:49] <+Claudy> </ignorance rant>
  211. [21:28:54] <+Mako> yes claudy, that's called intellectual property. it's standard of most countries laws
  212. [21:29:07] <+Claudy> anyway
  213. [21:29:15] <+Claudy> good to know our genes are also iP
  214. [21:29:18] <+Mako> but has nothing to do with what anything that was said
  215. [21:29:28] <+Claudy> yeah, i was at 2003,m when some cunt
  216. [21:29:39] <+Claudy> constantly tried to fire objections between eveyr goddamn ine of text
  217. [21:29:42] <+Claudy> line*
  218. [21:30:02] <+Mako> well actually no claudy. it has been laid out that someone can not copyright a gene by the international copyright board
  219. [21:30:03] <+Claudy> anyway, after that meeting of wood, and plank
  220. [21:30:46] <+Claudy> mister the jaap the hoop scheffer, got pulled in oh so magically, into the NATO
  221. [21:31:03] <+Mako> genes can not be copyrighted nor patented
  222. [21:31:03] <+Claudy> he was the former leader of the CDA
  223. [21:31:14] <+Claudy> sure they dont , they just do
  224. [21:31:22] <+Claudy> after all, its a string of code
  225. [21:31:29] <+Claudy> so kinda like, software
  226. [21:31:56] <+Claudy> anyway, now its 2010
  227. [21:32:09] <+Claudy> mister balkie got wiped out of the slate again
  228. [21:32:12] <+Mako> no, it has been specifically laid out in international law that genes can not by copyrighted nor patented and any attempt to do so shall not be honored
  229. [21:32:34] <+Claudy> basically, he got punished in the elections, and since he was no PM anymore, he just flew out of office -.-
  230. [21:33:06] <+Claudy> no sure he was'nt just a brainless moron who was held into place so that there would be no fires, since woody wood, dislikes burning
  231. [21:33:37] <+Claudy> oh, and who does appears from the ranks of the back?
  232. [21:33:45] <+Claudy> mister Maxime verhagen
  233. [21:33:51] <+Claudy> and oh wow
  234. [21:34:32] <+Claudy> why does that guy has such a face that almost looks like when you stare too long at him, he'll turn you into stone -.-
  235. [21:35:11] <+Claudy>
  236. [21:35:15] <+Claudy> now tell me
  237. [21:35:25] <+Claudy> whom of these 2 people looks more intelligent than the last one
  238. [21:35:45] <+Mako> intelligence isn't ranked by attractiveness
  239. [21:35:53] <+Claudy> for some, yes
  240. [21:36:02] <+Mako> no, not at all
  241. [21:36:18] <+Mako> physical appearance has little to no baring on intelligence
  242. [21:36:20] <+Claudy> but people usually judge people by their face, not by their lack of intellect
  243. [21:36:36] <+Claudy> and their back-story
  244. [21:36:48] <+Mako> then why are you actking to judge intellect on the face
  245. [21:36:51] <+Mako> *asking
  246. [21:36:56] <+Claudy> which always looks sparkly clean, so people can identify more easily with it
  247. [21:37:03] <+Claudy> simple
  248. [21:37:22] <+Claudy> facial expressions, can tell a lot about a person
  249. [21:37:46] <+Mako> no, really it's very subjective especially from a picture
  251. [21:37:57] <+Mako> they don't5
  252. [21:38:06] <+Claudy> where do you think the term arse-face comes from
  253. [21:38:11] <+Mako> there are very attractive and very ugly stupid people
  254. [21:38:19] <+Claudy> or in dutch, a blotebillengezicht
  255. [21:38:38] <+Mako> it comes from comparing someones face to a donkey and later the donkey's behind
  256. [21:38:48] <+Claudy> i mean, yet again, an optical reference with an ironed face
  257. [21:39:10] <+Mako> someones face does not speak ANYTHING towards their intellect
  258. [21:39:23] <+Claudy> kind of like, a pokerface, though a pokerface, is more like someone who controls his facial muscles pretty well
  259. [21:39:36] <+Claudy> sure Mako, they never do
  260. [21:39:39] <+Mako> thats like saying all arabs are also black and live in deserts because of the insult sand nigger
  261. [21:39:40] <+Claudy> and the earth is flate
  262. [21:39:47] <+Claudy> lolwat
  263. [21:39:55] <+Claudy> flat*
  264. [21:39:58] <+Claudy> no its not
  265. [21:40:12] <+Mako> you're trying to use a figure of speech to justify judging someone based on superficial looks
  266. [21:40:13] <+Claudy> when someone laughs
  267. [21:40:14] <+Mako> it's idiotic
  268. [21:40:21] <+Claudy> does their facial expressions move ?
  269. [21:40:36] <+Claudy> when someone is in pain, does their facial expressions move ?
  270. [21:40:40] <+Mako> is that picture animated? i think not
  271. [21:40:52] <+Claudy> do you move yer face when you think ?
  272. [21:40:55] <+Mako> also i'm doubtful of your degree in facial recognition and psychology
  273. [21:41:02] <+Claudy> sure you should
  274. [21:41:07] <+Mako> so once again given timeyou spout nonsense from your ass
  275. [21:41:22] <+Claudy> i just happen to have put 7 years and counting of my life, in figuring shit like it out
  276. [21:41:31] <+Claudy> no Mako, you should stoip judging
  277. [21:41:59] <+Claudy> yer not a queen, nor a king, nor someone who should be able to judge others, because of a lack of self insight, or experience in life
  278. [21:42:12] <+Mako> you asked, i answered. you just don't like the answer because your premise is really stupid. someones intellect can not be judged based upon a a generic still photo
  279. [21:42:22] <+Mako> annecdotes are not evidence
  280. [21:42:26] <+Claudy> come back when you've hitten rock bottom, just to crawl upward, and find out the tunnel leads nowhere
  281. [21:42:38] <+Claudy> sure they arent
  282. [21:42:39] <+Mako> personal experience amounts to nothing when you can not demonstrate knowledge which you've failed to do
  283. [21:42:46] <+Claudy> thats why they tell anecdotes all over
  284. [21:43:02] <+Claudy> sure Mako, i just explained a lot of things, and refered to
  285. [21:43:12] <+Claudy> but yer too ignorant to even pick up the slightest bit of data
  286. [21:43:20] <+Claudy> instead yer sitting on yer superficial throne
  287. [21:43:50] <+Mako> no, you really haven't. you've gone on at lengths and never at any point explained your statements, if you want to take a wager on who here who may still be looking has any fucking clue what you've said for the past half hour i believe the odds favour me
  288. [21:43:56] <+Claudy> judging over everyone, while ignoring the sole judgement you bestow upon others, is the lack of judgemental decisions in your own life
  289. [21:44:10] <+Claudy> as the lack of*
  290. [21:44:20] <+Mako> yay, ad hominems!
  291. [21:44:37] <+Claudy> hence yer trying to recreate the same circlistic point of view,  in which you live yourself
  292. [21:45:12] <+Claudy> unable to spread your wings out to the world, and being unable to see the lanes of obviousness that others have alreayd explained
  293. [21:45:16] <+Claudy> already*
  294. [21:45:17] <+Mako> logical fallacies do not help your case at all claudy. it only shows that when challenged you'll resort to attacking someone personally which no basis for that assumption, you assume because i don't agree with your explanation of... well nothing, that i must have personak issues
  295. [21:45:45] <+Claudy> again Mako, i am amazed at the fakt that yer able to point out so much logic for yourself
  296. [21:46:02] <+Mako> instead i'm just pointing out that you've explained nothing, make nonsensical poetic statements in attempts to sound deep, and that the conspiracy nonsense you've been dancing around directly stating is pseudo intellectual nonsense
  297. [21:46:02] <+Claudy> i already reported such things a few months ago
  298. [21:46:11] <+Claudy> sure
  299. [21:46:17] <+Claudy> conspiracy nonsense
  300. [21:46:18] <+Mikeru> Hey guys?
  301. [21:46:21] <+Mikeru> What the hell is going on?
  302. [21:46:22] <+Mikeru> @_@
  303. [21:46:39] <+Claudy> Mako:  have you ever been into a psychic institution in your life ?
  304. [21:46:41] <+Mako> claudy is being claudy again
  305. [21:46:56] <+Mako> oh here we go
  306. [21:46:58] <+Claudy> have you ever been locked up in a small room, with no light, and a locked door
  307. [21:46:58] Mako head desks
  308. [21:47:16] <+Mako> sensory deprevation, it's caommon to halucinate
  309. [21:47:17] <+Claudy> i have been there for long enough
  310. [21:47:26] <+Claudy> Mako:  i have pictures of it
  311. [21:47:31] <+Mako> it's actually been replicated several time, nothing spiritual or psychic about it
  312. [21:47:37] <+Claudy> it depends
  313. [21:47:42] <+Mako> no
  314. [21:47:42] <+Mako> it doesn;t
  315. [21:47:44] <+Claudy> on whom is inside of there
  316. [21:47:49] <+Mako> it's called sensory deprevation
  317. [21:47:54] <+Claudy> sure it is
  318. [21:47:58] <+Mako> we can replicate with any subject
  319. [21:48:01] <+Claudy> thats what the outside wrold calls it
  320. [21:48:09] <+Claudy> but once again
  321. [21:48:17] <+Claudy> have you ever lived in such circumstances ?
  322. [21:48:19] <+Mako> we can explain exactly why and how it occurs, NONE of it doing with psychic ability
  324. [21:48:34] <+Claudy> TO LIVE INSIDE A BOX
  325. [21:48:36] <+Claudy> WITH NO EXIT
  326. [21:49:22] <+Claudy> like something where a bed can barely fit in, let go of the rest of the stuff a normal small broomcloset should have
  327. [21:49:40] <+Mako> personal annecdotes are not evidence once again. you seem to not understand that tripping balls and not being able to explain it isn't a super natural phenomenom. though i have experienced sensory deprevation it bares no weight on the argument or ANYTHING about the previous topic
  328. [21:49:50] <+Claudy> sure Mako
  329. [21:49:52] <+Claudy> once again
  330. [21:49:57] <+Mako> it just randomly jumped because you were once again being pushed to explain yourself and consistently fail to do so
  331. [21:49:57] <+Claudy> you proof retardedness
  332. [21:50:02] <+Claudy> by bestowing judgement
  333. [21:50:10] <+Claudy> i ask you once again
  334. [21:50:15] <+Mako> baseless ad-homnem
  335. [21:50:19] <+Claudy> have you ever been in such a situatiuon
  336. [21:50:38] Mikeru [] has quit IRC: Quit: The TBN Java Chat Quit Message
  337. [21:50:43] <+Mako> personal annecdotes are not evidence once again. you seem to not understand that tripping balls and not being able to explain it isn't a super natural phenomenom. though i have experienced sensory deprevation it bares no weight on the argument or ANYTHING about the previous topic
  339. [21:50:46] <+Mako> i just said this
  340. [21:50:53] <+Claudy> that sounded good
  341. [21:50:57] <+Mako> but you apparently aren't even reading now
  342. [21:51:05] <+Claudy> i should use that as my new welcome greet
  343. [21:51:19] <+Claudy> oh sorry, i did'nt know you were talking
  344. [21:51:25] <+Mako> i'm going to stick you on ignore until you've calmed down at this point because you've once against demonstrated any rational debate is not possible with you
  345. [21:51:34] <+Claudy> i was just figuring out a new entrymessage for my chan
  346. [21:51:34] <+Mako> any time you're challenged you change subjects
  347. [21:51:40] <+Claudy> sure
  348. [21:51:46] <+Claudy> go fuck yerself
  349. [21:51:57] <+Mako> so who's still here
  350. [21:52:17] <+Claudy> go live in the blind world of ignorance, where noone ever seems to talk yer language, unless they talk on flat lines
  351. [21:52:24] <+Claudy> seems like the usual count
  352. [21:54:16] <+Mako> bah everyone left :/
  354. </end of transcript>
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